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Enterprise OpenSource

We bring the power of Open Source software to the enterprise world.
  • Support community
  • Source code access
  • Lower cost-per-license
  • Standard-based

Agile Project Management

Agile Software Development

  • Continuous communication
  • High performance teams
  • Unified processes

On-Demand Solutions

  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration

About ecimTech

We are global IT services providers specialized in software development, technical support and technology products.

ecimTech is part of ECIM S.R.L.


Competitive Insourcing, Outsourcing & Partnerships

We have an expert team prepared to manage projects, to organize outsourcing specialists and to settle enterprises cooperation deals. We are integrating skills, knowledge and resources to reinforce our competitive advantages with fewer costs and high quality results.


Our Strategy

  • Research & Develpoment let us be at the forefront of advancing technologies and our permanent training investment brings you the highest quality.
  • Talent and professional search providing efficient implementations and qualified products and services.
  • Work in a team group environment where each team is a complimentary member of our company providing its skills to project outcome. Our premise is to be the best allied of valued customers.