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Our Products | Crimea

Caja de Crimea

What is Crimea?

Crimea is a proprietary corporative processes management platform composed by modules to simplify efficiently shared tasks on a multi-user structure.

Based on Software a a Service model (SaaS) to serve this platform by Internet and through Crimea you can get frequent maintenance and technical support from our company.

What kind of information Crimea manages?

Crimea is optimum to process and evaluate information coming from different media including databases or pre-existing management systems. It could be used to enter information, as well as to process it and to generate different outputs.

What kind of changes may I have to implement in my structure to use Crimea?

Usually: None. Crimea can be installed on current platforms and it’s prepared for future ones. It only requires minimum changes on the server configuration where it will be installed.

It simply requires a web browser as an access client and there is no reason to install any kind of additional software.

Profits by Crimea

  • Agile management and user concurrency
    Crimea differs from classics and monolithic systems because provide information access in a concurrent way for a single user or group of users. Its platform is completely scalable because there are not limitations on terminals quantity. Besides it those terminals can be distributed geographically, just an Internet connection is needed.
  • Modularity
    This platform is built upon a series of modules to simplify upgrade procedures. Your enterprise may select the desired department to be upgraded due to a rise in market or a new requirement. Who takes the real advantage of this potential are those enterprises that utilize it by Internet, intranet or another local area network.
  • Simplicity and Security
    It can be operated in a secure mode implementing roles. There is no need to remind user names or passwords. Each terminal has a customized and restricted access by its concern.
  • Automatic maintenance procedures Every maintenance procedure such as backups, database improvements and integrity checks are completely automatic. This maintenance is totally transparent and it can be done from our offices, your enterprise don’t need to contract on site services for this task.

To summarize...

Crimea is

  • agile, concurrent, modular, reliable, self maintained, automatic and secure.

Crimea always do work!