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Enterprise OpenSource

We bring the power of Open Source software to the enterprise world.
  • Support community
  • Source code access
  • Lower cost-per-license
  • Standard-based

Agile Project Management

Agile Software Development

  • Continuous communication
  • High performance teams
  • Unified processes

On-Demand Solutions

  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration

OpenDev - Open Community

OpenDev is a community composed of expert developers and researchers, committed to contributing to the success of an open source-based project.

The benefits of open source software are clear. However, many companies are worried about the level of support that it requires. There are many options to choosing the required support, and finding the right choice is not always an easy task. Many companies have been developing hundreds of different open source solutions and the real effort to offer the best choice can be intimidating.

OpenDev Expert Community

ecimTech and the Opendev Community are looking to help companies in this subject, providing a strong support for hundreds of different open source solutions. ecimTech’s technicians act as a support frontline, attending to our customers enquiries and analyzing any eventualities. Regarding to complex subjects, ecimtech works with the OpenDev Expert Community. This group of experts in works collaborating and providing solutions to our customer’s issues. ecimTech connects business users with professional researchers and developers who are passionate about open source and are devoted to making it a success.

Be part of the Expert Community

ecimtech is constantly looking for the best open source developers and researchers trying to integrate them into the OpenDev Expert Community. To thank them for their time all members of OpenDev Expert Community are able to join to the OpenDev Rewards program and can exchange the points gained for money or gifts.